Early Registration Fees until June 1, 2020


  • Presenting one paper .                                                US$500    if also discussant .  US$450

  • Additional papers                                                         US$100                            

  • Discuss two papers (no presentation)                       US$300

  • Applying for publication in JGBRS                             US$60

  • Local faculty: join for one day (with lunch)               US$80

         Late registration (after June 1, 2020), add               US$100


       Co-authors, family members, visitors (per person) ​

  • Includes all meals and activities                                   US$300

     Conference Fees include// 

       Day 1: Welcome reception and panels

       Day 2: Conference sessions and panels (lunch and dinner included)

       Day 3: Panel sessions and conference excursion (lunch and excursion included)